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Singing Wolf Australia

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About Us

About Us Since 1997, Singing Wolf Australia has been providing quality services to the online community. We started as a small web design company and have grown into a "one-stop-shop" for anyone looking at everything from web design to domain registration and hosting as well as up-to-the-minute technology news. We can now source and provide a complete range of Region 1, 2 and 4 DVD Videos as well as the latest music disc formats including DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD, DTS Music CDs and Regular CDs. Finally, we have access to a comprehensive range of computer and IT products including complete computers systems, hardware, software, MP3 players and Flash memory as well as wireless networking (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth), internet products such as ADSL modems and many, many more products. After 15 years of satisfied customers, you can be assured that we will always provide high quality products and services at competetive prices.

Products & Services Offered

* Auctions on eBay

Singing Wolf Australia have been auctioning items since 1998. With 15 years of experience on 4 different auction web sites, we know auctions inside out. We have sold to over 8,000 happy customers with a total of over 13,000 items auctioned in Australia. We were awarded the "power seller" seal by eBay Australia so you are guaranteed great quality items at a great price with the best customer service in town.

*DVD Video Sales

At Singing Wolf DVD Video you will gain access to Australia's largest number of DVD distributers worldwide. We can source any available DVD title and offer great service, and pricing in Australian Dollars. For your comfort and security all items are shipped from Australia. Singing Wolf DVD act as a buyers advocate enabling of to purchase DVDs on your behalf. As we have such a large number of distrubuters to choose from, as well as ordering in bulk, we can offer all titles at greatly reduced prices.

* Blu-ray Disc Sales

Singing Wolf Blu-ray now gives you access to the widest variety of Blu-ray Discs in Australia. We can source many unreleased in Austrlia Zone B titles on Blu-ray for the best prices possible. Our sales volumes ensure we are receive the best purchase prices with savings passed on to you.

* Video Game Sales

Singing Wolf Video Games specialise in Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) Games, Accessorises and UMD Movies plus software for the PSP. Coming soon we will launch a site dedicated to SEGA and stock almost every Mega Drive title.

* World Wide Tour Bookings

Singing Wolf Travel is our latest addition to the site, added in July 2006. Created after discovering that it is very difficult to book Adventure and Sightseeing Tours, Attractions and Events etc for multiple countries in one spot. So was born Singing Wolf Travel where you can book all your Tours etc from around the world all in one place, we also bill in Australian Dollars this is significant we often offer a better exchange rate than your bank and you also avoid any foreign transaction fees. This can save you around 5%-10% not to mention the great savings on the products themselves. We also have a Tried and Tested section that lists all the products that we ourselves have experienced and thought were great value.

* Computer Product Sales

Singing Wolf Australia is a fast, efficient and quality seller of IT computer products including hardware and software. We ship a wide range of brands including Acer, Belkin, Brother, Canon, D-Link, Hitachi, LaCie, LG, Microsoft, Netgear, Samsung, Sandisk, and Verbatim. Our products include Computers and Monitors, networking and modems (including ADSL), IT product accessories and boxed software..

Deal Of The Month

Due South Icon Managers Special: All 4 Due South Seasons on DVD. Special Offer: Until 31st August 2015 you can buy all 4 Seasons/68 Episodes (Echo Bridge Version) for only $59.99 - that's $40 off ! and it includes Postage if paying by direct deposit. Conditions: While stocks last. Sorry, max two special packs per person. All prices are in Australian Dollars. All DVDs are Region 1. All Prices include post around Australia (Direct Deposit only). >> Buy Now! <<

Last Updated: Friday, 5th February 2016